Logos: Design and Tools to Create Identity

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Wed Mar 9, 6:30 PM - Wed Apr 27, 9:30 PM (PST)
Pacific Northwest College of Art, 511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, USA  

Logos: Design and Tools to Create Identity with Todd Elliott

NOTE: This course will be held in person. All students, staff and faculty must be fully vaccinated before they can enter the building. Please bring proof of vaccination with you.

This is a detailed course presenting the concepts behind producing a Logo. First, we will study and define terms, ideas and concepts, and how designers have used them throughout history. We will explore the ideas from Aristotle to designer Henry Dreyfus, and learn how the philosophy of Semiotics (study of signs) can generate imagery. The creative process will be introduced through work design briefs, along with abstract and basic form theories used in the design process; including shape interrelationships, positive/negative space, and graphic effects. A history of the logo and logotype will reveal some of these tools and establish an understanding of the principles in design. Color will be explored through various theories, including the study of emblematic colors.

The course will continue with hand rendering drawings, photographic inspiration and transferring it to digital art. There, we’ll be encountering the techniques through revisions and variations. How to pick the best design and share with the client.

Last, we’ll produce logos that can be made to use as actual production art, create technical drawings, using digital tools like Illustrator and Photoshop. This collectively will create the proper files for digital and real-world use, providing clients a package for collateral design projects.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: This class is appropriate for beginner to intermediate designers, but you should have facility with Adobe Illustrator

Todd J. Elliott

CE Instructor
Pacific Northwest College of Art, 511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, USA
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