Introduction to Miniature Costume Fabrication for Stop-Motion Animation

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Tue Feb 23, 6:00 PM - Tue Apr 13, 9:00 PM (PST)

Introduction to Miniature Costume Fabrication for Stop-Motion Animation with Annika Schindler


NOTE: The Dressing Doll Fee covers the cost of creation and shipping for your very own dressing dummy to be used as the model/form for costuming. Registration closes 2.5 weeks before the class start date to allow for shipping time. PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT DUMMY FEE BASED ON YOUR LOCATION. If you are outside of the US, Canada or the UK, please contact us so we can get a shipping tier made for you. If you do not choose a Dressing Doll fee, you will be responsible for procuring your own dressing doll.

Annika Schindler has been working in the field of miniature costume fabrication for the stop-motion animation movie industry for more than a decade and has been part of many international award winning movies. For the last years she has been working for Laika Animation and was heavily involved in developing the costumes for their last three feature film productions.

In this 8 class series, she is sharing her knowledge of working in the stop-motion animation industry. The class is designed to give a thorough overview about the art and mysteries of miniature costume fabrication and application. We will go through the process of making a miniature costume for a pre-fabricated character together.

Additionally, she will provide bonus material to briefly explain the making of accessories, shoes and hair as well as discuss the best material choices and needs for animation. She will also talk about the interdisciplinary approach to creating materials with different technologies and the engineering mindset needed in this field.

Each class delivers knowledge needed to successfully build a miniature costume to industry standards as well as useful tips. This will be especially helpful for students who consider choosing a career in the field of stop-motion animation.

Prerequisite: We will hand sew the costumes. Basic experience with handling of fabrics and basic sewing experience is great but not required. I will teach everything we will be doing.


  • quilting miniature iron (clover) available in most fabric stores
  • sewing pins, very thin and sharp
  • sewing needles, best are beading needles (no: 10 - 12, Long sharps)
  • heat erase fabric marking pen
  • pin cushion, sponge or piece of foam is great!
  • tweezers, thin and pointy
  • pliers , flat jewelers pliers kind
  • cutting mat, or protective layer to cut on
  • exacto knife
  • note pad, simple
  • white paper, printer paper is fine
    one page yardstick, about 150gsm
  • mechanical pencil 0.5
  • black micron pen 0.5 or thinner
  • colored pen 0.5 or thinner
  • parchment paper
  • paper scissors
  • small, very sharp and pointy scissors
  • white glue (Elmer’s)
  • small flat brush, fine synthetic fibers (about 1/4” wide)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • eraser
  • small ruler
  • tooth picks

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