Still Life Painting Techniques in Acrylic: FULL SERIES

$330 usd
+ available add-ons
Sat Mar 20, 9:00 AM - Sat May 8, 11:00 AM (PDT)

Still Life Painting Techniques in Acrylic: Complete Series with Ardis DeFreece


This registration is for the complete series of Still Life Painting Techniques in Acrylic with Ardis DeFreece. For individual workshops, please register through those listings.

In this series of two hour classes, students will learn specific techniques for painting different effects and textures. Each class will focus on observation and a step by step process working along with the instructor. Students with a beginning to intermediate level of painting experience will expand their skills in this series.
Day 1: Metal
Day 2: Glass
Day 3: Glass with Distortion
Day 4: Fabric
Day 5: Fur & Feathers
Day 6: Stone
Day 7: Wood
Day 8: Complex Still Life Combining techniques.

Experience level: Beginning to intermediate. Students should have some beginning level of painting experience before taking these classes.

-Acrylic paint in the following colors: ultramarine blue, quinacridone or permanent red, yellow ochre, hansa yellow, cerulean blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, titanium white, mars, lamp or ivory black.
-Water in a jar
-A selection of brushes: a 1”, good quality, house painters sash brush (no angle, from hardware store), a larger flat (No 10) and some smaller flat brushes for details, a No. 10 round, and a few small detail rounds size 0 to 2, it is nice to have one script liner (a long bristled round detail brush) size 2 to 4 as well. The white synthetic brushes are fine for either acrylic or oil. You can also have a sable or two for oil if desired, but not necessary.
-Rags or paper towels for dabbing and cleaning.
-Palette: you cam use disposable palette paper in a palette box, or a reusable palette in plastic or wood. Please do not use a watercolor palette with little depressions for mixing. You want a large, flat palette with lots of space for daubs of paint and mixing. I use a 12x16 inch palette.
-Canvas, canvas panels, or wood panels (sizes vary according to project)

Ardis DeFreece

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